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A recent American Bible Society report shows that scripture engagement has fallen during the coronavirus pandemic. According to the 10th annual State of the Bible Report, scripture engagement is directly tied to in-person church participation.

According to Robert Briggs, American Bible Society president and CEO,”Faith communities have demonstrated incredible resilience, innovation and empathy through the pandemic. But this survey reveals that a big opportunity still remains for christian organizations to make an impact on scripture engagement.” Briggs further pointed out that despite the fact that nearly every individual in the United States of America have access to the Bible, it is very clear that engagement with the Bible has decreased. That has been a consistent trend over the past few years, and the trend has accelerated since January 2020 throughout the pandemic. The church must therefore transition from survival mode back into discipleship mode, and surely that is going to take even greater innovation.

A 2019 report found that approximately 35 percent of American adults said they never used the Bible outside of a church service. In January, that number remained about the same, but by June 2020, that same number declined to 31 percent. Respondents said that they found it difficult to maintain a study of the Bible during the pandemic as stay-at-home orders and other restrictions closed churches across the nation. Americans who said they use the Bible daily fell to just one in 10. This is the lowest number on record during a decade of the State of the Bible report. Among other findings, the report found that About 172 million adults are “Bible curious.” In June 2020, more Americans said they were exploring the Bible for the first time than they did in January 2020. Also, Americans who have been personally impacted by the coronavirus are more likely to read the Bible now.

This study supports the fact that the church plays a very vital role in benefitting people’s wellbeing as a whole and their engagement with Scripture.  In order to increase scripture engagement, we must increase relational connections with one another through the church.

The pandemic, along with this survey, have shown that when relational church engagement goes up, so does scripture engagement, but when it goes down, scripture engagement drops. In other words, it is probably the relationships people have with one another through the church that really help to make the difference. May God help us to become more scripturally conscious.



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