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In response to the ongoing COVID pandemic, hundreds of Christians recently gathered in a field in Ashland, Ohio as ministry leaders and elected officials called the people to prayer and repentance. During the event, Ashland Mayor Matt Miller dedicated the city to Jesus Christ, and County Commissioner Emmitt Justice asked God to forgive the nation for its rebellion against Him. Part of his prayer was as follows, “As I stand before you tonight, in the bright light of His Son, to the extent I am able, I give this city of Ashland to the Lord Jesus Christ,” Miller proclaimed. “May this be a land where He rules supreme. May this be a land where His love is genuinely felt by believers and non-believers alike.”

 According to Frontlines Ohio, 25 churches associated with the Ashland County Ministerial Association participated in the “Call to Sacred Assembly” at Freer Field. It was noted that people were looking to politicians for answers in the present COVID environment, when they should be looking to the Lord. “We’d been talking about, ‘What is the proper response to the crisis that we’re in?’” John Bouquet, pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Savannah, told the Times Gazette. “And we’ve sure heard plenty of political and medical responses, but we felt like we needed a spiritual response.” He explained that the organizers looked to the Book of Joel as their pattern for the gathering.

The Bible speaks in Joel 1:13-14 of a solemn (sacred) assembly. This is a public calling for repentance from our sins and consecration unto God. This is exactly what was done in Ashland. The various speakers spoke on issues surrounding the family, the community and government, pointing to Scripture as the guide. State Representative, Darrell Kick, told those gathered that there is a group of lawmakers who meet for Bible study before a vote. He said that he was not aware of another district where the mayor committed the city to Jesus Christ and a county commissioner asked forgiveness for the sins of the county. Pastor Bouquet said that the Ministerial Association also plans to organize a “Prayer Force,” in which pastors will visit various churches on weekdays throughout September to pray for revival in the county.

What happened in Ashland is exactly the kind of response that God is looking for not only in that county, but throughout the entire nation. We need to humble ourselves before God and cry out in true repentance. God said if we do that He would hear from heaven and forgive our sins

and heal our land. Let us pray earnestly that this would become our national response in this present crisis. Amen!



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Apostle Edghill and Pastor Emily, along with the entire F.E.A. family, express our deepest condolences to Brother Peter Philip on the passing of two of his brothers. May God comfort and strengthen you in this difficult hour.


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