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The annual pro-life prayer vigil campaign – 40 Days for Life, began last Wednesday, September 23 and continues until Thursday, November l. It will reportedly break a record this year for the most participating cities ever, despite pandemic-related shutdowns. This event involves pro-life activists regularly praying outside of abortion clinics seven days a week for the entire 40-day period. Shawn Carney, president and CEO of the group, 40 Days for Life, told The Christian Post that 588 cities were participating this year, the largest since the observance was first held in 2007. He said, “Many thought that the pandemic and civil unrest in our streets would be a deterrent, but I am so proud of the local leaders who came out in droves to apply, train, and lead their campaign locally.”

Carney also told the Christian Post that for the prayer campaign, his organization enhanced and expanded their training, not only for the pandemic but also for security and keeping all participants safe. He further pointed out that the campaign is ready for any potential litigation, explaining that they have extensive legal support available just in case a vigil faces legal harassment. He categorically stated that If any local judge attempts to use COVID-19 as a vehicle to suppress their rights, they are prepared to respond and defend those rights as Americans.

Dorothy Zarelli, director of the local campaign for Tacoma, Washington, explained to the Christian Post that their vigil is taking place at the Cedar River Clinic, a late-term abortion provider. They are on the sidewalk praying and holding signs. They do not march, yell nor confront anyone. They are just there praying for the unborn and witnessing to individuals.  They also have information on CareNet, a facility where pregnant woman can go get help with their pregnancy and a free ultrasound. Zarelli also noted that their campaign is featuring four two-hour shifts seven days a week, with approximately 60 people being involved and at least two individuals present per shift. Paula Grimm of the Right to Life League heads up the campaign for Pasadena, California. She said that she first took part in a 40 Days for Life years ago as a college student. She pointed out that her group constitutes a total of 160 persons up to this point and it continues to expand rapidly.

It is very clear that the passion to help women and their unborn children is at an all-time high despite nearly 50 years of legalized abortion in our nation. All reports indicate that the pro-life movement is increasing rapidly and is attracting younger people more and more. Our nation is guilty of slaughtering millions of babies. This is very grievous to the heart of God and we need to repent before the wrath of God is poured out. Let us pray for the success of this 40 Days for Life venture that it would result in national repentance for this brutal and wicked act. Amen!



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Trust in the LORD with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. (KJV) Proverbs 3:5-6

God showed up in a real-life flesh suit to prove that He is who He said He is. It is for that reason we can trust in Him, lean on Him, give your plans over to Him, and trust He is gonna work it out for you. We can be free to think of the good and the beautiful rather than obsess over our fears because we can trust God at work in our lives
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