BULLETIN FOR SUNDAY, October 11, 2020

We welcome you to FEA, where we are overcoming through the power of the Word. May God bless you richly today.

The number of full Bible translations to be done reached a grand total of 700 in recent weeks. But due to the speed at which translations have been released, no one is very sure which of the translators was the first one to reach the mark. Both Wycliffe Bible Translations and the American Bible Society celebrated the news, saying it is a major milestone in advancing the gospel. This 700 total involves complete Bibles with all 66 books translated. Partial translations such as New Testaments are not included. James Poole, executive director of Wycliffe Bible Translations said that the milestone represents the tremendous work that Bible translators are doing across the world.

Every time we hear of the Bible being translated into another language, we know it indicates that for the first time the people in that particular language group can fully access the complete picture of God’s Word. James Poole said, “It’s good to take a step back and realize what this 700th Bible means: 5.7 billion people who speak 700 languages now have the Bible in the language that speaks to them best. That is a remarkable figure and continues to grow.”

An American Bible Society blog quoted data pointing out that the number of languages with the full Bible has doubled in the past 30 years, from 351 in 1990 to 700 in 2020. It further pointed out that Bible translation has accelerated in the past few decades due to advances in translation technology and an unprecedented level of partnership among Bible translation agencies. American Bible Society CEO Robert Briggs said, “We are grateful to God, our ministry partners, and the financial partners whose generosity makes this Kingdom work possible.” Wycliffe listed three recent Bible translations that could have been the 700th translation: (1) The Huichol Bible, which is used by an indigenous people of Mexico. (2) The Ellomwe Bible, which is read by a people group in Malawi and Mozambique. (3) The Igede Bible, which is used by a Nigerian ethnic group.

But despite this great and outstanding achievement in Bible translations, there are still approximately 1.5 billion people, or one in every five people in the world, who still do not have a Bible in their language, according to Wycliffe Bible Translations. This is a wrong which Bible Translation teams worldwide are busy seeking to rectify. Let us pray for the accomplishment of this goal.  Jesus said, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed in the whole earth, for a testimony to all the nations; and then the end will come.” (Mt. 24:14).


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