BULLETIN FOR SUNDAY, October 25, 2020

We welcome you to FEA, where we are overcoming through the power of the Word. May God bless you richly today.

Once again China has acted to make the lives of Christians there even more unbearable. They have recently tightened restrictions on the distribution of religious materials by threatening fines, the closure of printing shops, or even imprisonment for selling Christian books or allowing customers to photocopy hymns. BITTER WINTER, a publication that monitors religious liberty violations in China, reported that this month, Chinese Communist Party officials in the central province of Henan, searched a local printing press for banned religious materials. One store manager told BITTER WINTER, because inspections are so rigorous, he refuses to print religious materials. “They checked my storehouse, scrutinized all records, and even looked at paper sheets on the floor, to see if they have prohibited content. “If any such content is found, I’ll be fined, or worse, my business will be closed.”

A worker at a photocopying business in Luoyang revealed that the ban on illegal religious materials applies also to the photocopying of hymns. Those who print religious materials face harsh repercussions, including fines, and in some cases, imprisonment. One printer said that he can’t even dare to make copies of two sheets with religious hymns because of strict investigations. “I was told to report anyone who comes to copy religious materials,” he said. A worker at another shop told BITTER WINTER the following, “If we are not sure if a text is religious, we must keep its copy and report it to authorities. Unapproved religious publications importedTop of Form from other countries are labeled Bottom of Form as “contraband.” 

The authorities in China now exert strict control over mailed goods. Only the mailing of government-approved books is allowed. All books containing religious information are not allowed to be dispatched. If public security authorities discover violations of these regulations, the company will be fined and closed down. Just last month, a Christian man who operated an online bookstore in Zhejiang province’s Taizhou city, was sentenced to seven years in prison and fined 200,000 RMB ($29,450) for selling unapproved religious publications. Police also reportedly launched a nationwide investigation to track down the bookstore’s customers through sale records and confiscate their purchased books.

China is ranked as one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to the persecution of Christians, according to Open Doors USA’s World Watch List. Yet on the 13th of this month, China was elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council. What irony! Let us pray earnestly for our fellow brethren in China bearing in mind 2Tim 4:18, “And the Lord shall deliver me from every evil work, and will preserve me unto his heavenly kingdom; to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen!”




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For all you do in Jesus’ Name… May you be blessed today, in every way. Numbers 6:24-26

Thank You!
Apostle Edghill & Pastor Emily

God is not unjust: He will not forget your work
And the Love you have shown him as you
Have helped his people and continue to help them.
Hebrews 6:10




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