BULLETIN FOR SUNDAY, January 3, 2021

We welcome you to FEA, where we are overcoming through the power of the Word. May God bless you richly today.

It is with gladdened hearts and high expectations that we welcome this New Year 2021. However, we need to pause and consider a prediction which was recently given by Pastor Andrew Brunson. He served as a missionary in Turkey for over 20 years and has recently predicted that Christians in America will face increased persecution in the near future. According to CBN News, Brunson’s remarks were made during the Global Prayer for US Election Integrity event on Facebook recently. Brunson said that since his return to the US just over two years ago, for the first time in his life he is sensing an urgency for his country, the United States of America. Brunson explained.  He said that this urgency has been growing in him for the last two years. He is warning of increasing pressures in the U.S, especially towards people “who embrace Jesus Christ and his teaching, who are not ashamed to stand for him. My concern is that we’re not ready for this pressure. And not being prepared is very, very dangerous on a number of levels.”

In 2016, Brunson was unjustly imprisoned in Turkey after the government accused him of partaking in an alleged coup against Turkish President Erdogan. Bruson then spent the following two years in prison despite having nothing to do with the allegation. Fortunately, the imprisoned pastor was released following diplomatic intervention from the President Trump’s administration. Brunson had also established the Izmir Resurrection Church, which preached Christ and tended to Syrian refugees, including Kurds. Despite his imprisonment, Brunson believes God would providentially use his story to help prepare other Christians to persevere despite the forthcoming trials.

“I think one of the purposes God had for me in my imprisonment was that I learned perseverance at a deeper level again and again and again, as I was repeatedly broken and finally he rebuilt me,” he noted. “But one of the purposes he had for me was to learn this perseverance so that I could help to prepare others to persevere.” Brunson wants the Christians in America to understand that persecution is on the horizon for the church in this nation no matter what. He said, “I believe that persecution is coming and it’s coming quickly and it’s coming soon,” he cautioned. “What is heavy on my heart is that we need to prepare ourselves.” 

Those of us who live in this nation should not have any difficulty in understanding what Pastor Andrew Brunson is saying. Throughout the past year we saw numerous indications of it in our nation. Even though Jesus was the most loving and the kindest person in history, He was called evil, and we can expect the same as Christians. As we continue our journey down through this year, let us bear in mind the words of Jesus our Savior and Lord, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” (Jn. 16:33). 

Have a Productive and Prosperous New Year!



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