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During the COVID-19 pandemic, 100,000 Bibles were given to prisoners by the nation’s leading Christian prison ministry amid heightened demand for God’s Word. In a recent interview with The Christian Post, James Ackerman, the CEO of Prison Fellowship, noted that there was a “sense of hopelessness” in prisons throughout the pandemic. Ackerman shared that there was an intense level of demand for the Gospel inside prisons, for the first time in Prison Fellowship’s 45-year history. “God put on people’s hearts and encouraged chaplains to promote the Word of God,” he noted. “And [the fact] that hope of the Gospel found itself in such high demand is so encouraging to me.”

In response, Prison Fellowship has managed to distribute 100,000 copies of The Life Recovery Bible, Tyndale’s bestselling recovery Bible, in nine months. The Life Recovery Bible, which is under the New Living Translation, features unique devotional content based on the 12-step recovery model. According to Tyndale’s website, “This Bible for addiction points to God himself as the primary source of recovery with essential tools and features that help free people from the grip of addiction.” Ackerman added that the Bible provides prisoners with the opportunity to start a new life with Jesus Christ. He said that the aim is for people who have struggled with addiction and other unproductive activities in their lives, to realize that they can be healed from that addiction, and that Jesus wants to deliver them.

 While many correctional facilities were concerned that the pandemic would agitate prisoners, the Prison Fellowship president pointed out that the opposite effect took place through these Bibles. Ackerman explained that The Life Recovery Bible has helped inmates stay calm, strengthening the faith of those who were already believers and encouraging non-believers to read and study the Word of God. He further stated how God provided them with all they needed to meet the demand to supply those 100,000 Bibles. Over 3 million copies of The Life Recovery Bible have been printed. They are available in English and Spanish in large print. Since partnering with Tyndale in 2018, Prison Fellowship has distributed over 162,000 Bibles to men and women in prison.

We praise God for this remarkable work that is being done by the Prison Fellowship in the interest of the inmates. The Bible says that God “wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth” (1Tim. 2:4). This includes those who are imprisoned. Because only God’s truth can set them free from the things that have caused them to be imprisoned. So let us remember to pray for the Prison Fellowship and other prison ministries along with prisoners everywhere. Amen!


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