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On Tuesday, May 11, American Bible Society (ABS) released the first two chapters of its 11th annual State of the Bible report, documenting cultural trends in the realm of spirituality and Scripture engagement in the United States. According to the report, over an estimated 10 million more Americans turned to the Bible in 2020 than in years past, as one in four adults reported reading the Bible more frequently during the pandemic compared to last year.  The data also suggests that over 181 million Americans opened a Bible in the past year compared to 169 million adults who used a Bible at least occasionally in the previous year. The findings for the report are based on a survey conducted in January 2021.

The study also found that roughly 16% of American adults read the Bible most days during the week, up from 12% in its 2020 report. Thirty-four percent said they read the Bible once a week or more, while 50% said they read the Bible less than twice per year.  The report further states that 63% of respondents reported their Bible usage was the same as the previous year. Although 9% said their Bible engagement decreased in the last year, 24% reported more frequent Bible reading during that time. The nine chapters from the report will be released throughout the year.

In an interview with The Christian Post, John Farquhar Plake, the director of ministry intelligence for the American Bible Society, said he believes Americans turned to God’s Word during the pandemic in search of meaning and comfort. “I think the data tells us that when people are at change points in their life, [and] they’re enduring stresses like we all have during the COVID-19 pandemic, we look for meaning and we look for comfort,” he said.”

The report also showed a decrease of people classified in the “Bible Disengaged” category as well as a “significant” increase of 95 million American adults in the “Movable Middle” category of those who are exploring Scripture, sometimes for the first time. ABS will release the following seven chapters of the State of the Bible between June and December this year.

We thank God for the positive reflection in the ABS 2021 State of the Bible report. As individuals ask questions regarding how to cope in these times, we are glad that the Word of God has the answer. This, no doubt, is the reason why individuals are turning to the Scriptures for their answers. Let us pray that as people continue to consult the Bible, God would cause His voice to be heard in their hearts and they would respond to Him positively. Amen!


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