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A young girl who wanted to wear her faith on her mask never expected it to be a problem at school. But that is just what happened.  School officials told Lydia Booth that she could not wear her mask because of a school policy that forbad the wearing of masks on the school premises that carried political or religious messages. However, Lydia’s mother, Jennifer, checked the handbook and dress code and didn’t find any such restriction. The Booth family, therefore, reached out to Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) for help. As a result they eventually filed a lawsuit against the school district.

Lydia Booth told the ADF that she simply liked wearing the mask to show her faith in Jesus. She also said, “It makes me feel like I’m protected by Jesus.” She says she believed others would “think it’s a great mask, and that Jesus is a great God, and a great Savior.” She also discovered that masks with sports logos and other messages like “Black Lives Matter” were allowed.

The ADF reminded the school system that they cannot pick and choose which messages students are allowed to express and which they are not allowed to express. Furthermore the ADF made it abundantly clear to the school that they surely cannot single out religious speech for worse treatment than other types of speech.

However, in spite of this, God is using Lydia’s struggle to touch the lives of other children, prompting reactions from her schoolmates. One of Lydia’s classmates saw her mask and wanted one just like it. Another friend’s older sister, after hearing about the case, decided to read the entire Bible. And according to ADF reports, two other sisters sent Lydia “heartwarming and encouraging notes.” One read as follows, “Lydia, I am praying for you. I am so glad that God sent His Son to die for us. I know that God is using you to tell others about Jesus. I know how you feel. …I know God sees our troubles and I know God will answer your prayers soon. God bless you.”

We thank God for the powerful witness that this young girl, Lydia, has become for Jesus in her school. Let us pray that the youth of our nation would rise up from every quarter and take their stand for the Lord in our schools and everywhere else. The Word of God says, “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth…” (Eccl. 12:1). Amen!


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1 Timothy 4:12 KJV




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