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America’s largest evangelical prison ministry organization, Prison Fellowship, recently partnered with Moody Bible Institute to create new daily devotionals to be distributed to over 100,000 inmates across the United States. The two 120-day devotionals, which are based on Moody’s, Today In The Word, daily devotional, contain readings on all four Gospels and include Bible studies, discussion questions and a series of Christian testimonies from previously incarcerated persons who became Christians while in prison. While one devotional is crafted for incarcerated men, the other is geared toward incarcerated women. 

This particular partnership has been described as one of the largest outreach efforts in Prison Fellowship’s 45-year history. Prison Fellowship chaplains began distributing the Bibles to inmates on July 1.  “We are thrilled to have partnered with Moody Bible Institute and we cannot wait to see so many lives changed through these devotionals,” Prison Fellowship Vice President of Field Programs Dan Kingery told The Christian Post. The devotionals are handheld books written by professors and staff members of Moody Bible Institute.  The books have been ordered by many prisons throughout the U.S. They will be distributed to inmates who choose to receive copies. The devotionals encourage incarcerated individuals to lead Bible-centered and goal-oriented lives. 

Kingery understands that people in prison face the same kinds of spiritual struggles that people outside prison face. However, he explains that the spiritual struggles may be heightened for inmates due to a lack of access to friends and family and having no time alone. He added that while inmates are often in very crowded prisons, they can feel very lonely because they are not near their close friends or family. The mission of Prison Fellowship is to restore those impacted by crime and incarceration. 

Jamie Janosz, managing editor of Today In The Word, who helped write the devotionals, said, “The bigger picture is to show others how the Word of God is applicable to their daily lives, and to show those in prisons how to read a scripture passage and reflect and pray while modeling what it looks like to live out a Gospel-centered life through the testimonies in the books. We wanted to make the devotionals understandable for the inmates so they could live out what they read.”

We give God praise and thanks for this combined effort between Prison Fellowship and Moody Bible Institute targeting prison inmates. The Bible commands us to “Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them…” (Heb. 13:3). Let us remember to pray for the success of this venture, that the kingdom of God would be greatly expanded as a result. Amen!


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