BULLETIN FOR SUNDAY, September 19, 2021

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A recent survey throughout the United States of America, by Nicholas Zill of the Institute for Family Studies, found that a change is on the horizon with regards to the supposed demise of the nuclear family. The percentage of high school seniors who were raised by both biological parents throughout childhood saw a major increase during the last decade, according to the new study. The report found that 53.1 percent of high school seniors in 2019 were living with both biological parents, an increase from 51.3 percent in 2016 and 49.7 percent in 2012. Just as significant, the report said, the uptick involved multiple racial groups, including whites, blacks and Hispanics. This led Nicholas Zill to conclude that “the tide is turning.”

“It is too early to say for certain but growing numbers of actual and would-be parents seem to be heeding the conventional wisdom that a stable two-parent family helps children flourish educationally, socially, and economically,” Zill wrote. “They have come to accept that loving and being loved by one’s two parents, who are also committed to one another, has benefits for the children and adults involved and for the community in which they live.”

The percentage of black high school seniors living with both birth parents increased from 24.3 percent in 2012 to 29.6 percent in 2019. For Hispanics, it went from 49.7 percent to 49.8 percent, and for whites, from 55.8 percent to 59.1 percent. “The fact that seniors were still living with both birth parents at the culmination of their schooling means that the vast majority grew up with them since birth,” Zill wrote. “Some may have been born to unmarried parents who subsequently got married during the student’s childhood. Some may have experienced parental conflicts or temporary separations, but not the kind of conflict that resulted in permanent splits. Their parents were able to work things out and the marriages endured.” This was not the only encouraging data in the report. The study also found that the proportion of children under 18 living with two parents increased to 70.4 percent in 2020 after falling to 67 percent in 2005.

This most recent data is indeed pointing to a turning tide in relation to the nuclear family. God is always right! He is never wrong! Speaking in relation to the family, God says, “Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your children will be like olive shoots around your table.” (Psalms 128:3). God intends for children to be raised within the context of a family with a father and a mother. That is why Zill was able to observe from the survey that “a growing number of actual and would-be parents seem to be heeding the conventional wisdom that a stable two-parent family helps children flourish educationally, socially, and economically.” Amen!


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Apostle Edghill and Pastor Emily, along with the entire F.E.A. family, express our deepest condolences to Sis. Marilyn Rosado and family on the passing of her husband Bro. Hector Cintron. May God comfort and strengthen you in this difficult hour.

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