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A 14-year-old Christian student in Florida, who was allegedly told to stop taking his Bible to school after he was repeatedly attacked and bullied by students and teachers alike for his faith, has filed a lawsuit seeking significant damages because the school has destroyed his educational experience. In September 2021, a group of students grabbed Nicholas’ Bible from him while he was reading it during his free time at school. These students started throwing the Bible back and forth, and then ripped pages off the book, sneering and ridiculing Nicholas for his faith.

The Christian Post reached out to Mater Academy for comment but they got no response. According to the complaint, Ortiz, who is a high school freshman, began attending Mater Academy Cutler Bay in 2018 and remained enrolled until January 2022. During his time at the school, the teen would often take his Bible to school to read during his free time in a bid to further his faith, the suit states. However, many of his fellow students, school staff and administrators did not like it. Several incidents detailed in the suit allege how hostile conditions became for Ortiz as he tried to live out his faith at the school.

During a fall 2021 classroom discussion, Nicholas’ science teacher singled him out in front of his peers and questioned him for believing in God. Mr. Ardieta insinuated that Nicholas was ignorant for believing in the Bible, the suit said. “When Nicholas attempted to defend his beliefs, the teacher cut him off and said, in front of the class and during the classroom discussion, “Nicholas should not believe the Bible.” Ortiz went on to experience similar attitudes toward his faith from students at the school who regularly made disparaging comments to him about what he believes. The Dhillon Law Group filed the 206-page lawsuit against the school in Hialeah Gardens, on behalf of Nicolas Ortiz through his parents, Rafael and Lourdes Ortiz recently. “Mr. Ortiz is experiencing something that no American should ever have to experience,” Dhillon Law Group managing partner, Harmeet K. Dhillon said in a statement “It’s bad enough that the school has done nothing to stop the bullying from his peers, but have gone as far as joining in on targeting Mr. Ortiz for simply practicing his faith. This blatant violation of his first amendment rights is another example of how extreme so many in our education system have become, and why Dhillon Law Group is coming to Mr. Ortiz’s defense.”

One must needs wonder, what in the world is happening to our nation that was founded on Christian principles? The answer is that the devil is seeking to erode these principles in order to effect his agenda. But we must pray for our nation as never before. Let us pray that God’s people will be bold as a lion in the face of this demonic aggression and that the Kingdom of God will be established in our nation. Amen!



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