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The Christian Legal Center in the United Kingdom has announced that it is helping a Christian volunteer appeal his penalty. He was fined by police, and told that his preaching was “not allowed.” The Christian Legal Center said that Andrew Sathivavan, 47, was fined by Deputy District Judge Minhas at Isleworth Crown Court. The judge said he should have been preaching online instead of on the street. The center explained, Video footage of the incident reveals Andrew being questioned and arrested on Sutton High Street in south London on Easter Sunday 2020 after being told by the police that preaching the gospel was not allowed.

The center pointed out, “His appeal hearing comes as the prime minister and leading political parties continue to come under pressure for repeatedly breaking COVID regulations during lockdown,” and explained, “The case highlights serious inconsistencies in the approach of the police to the regulations with members of the government and protestors acting with impunity throughout the pandemic and without police intervention.” Sathivavan works with Gospel Light Ministries, and regularly preaches across the UK. He also works with the homeless and those with drug and alcohol addictions. “Gospel preaching is my work. I tell people about the Good News of Jesus Christ, which preachers have done for centuries in this country. I seek to reach people living in fear and without hope,” he said.

Andrea Williams, of the Christian Legal Center, called the treatment of the preacher disturbing.  She said, Bottom of Form”This is a man who spends his life reaching and serving the poorest and most marginalized in our society – the people who fall through the cracks and are left behind by the system. This man has a heart for the poorest in our society and for trying to reach out to them found himself locked up in a cell and strip-searched. The police presence on Sutton High Street caused a greater risk to public health than if they had allowed Andrew to continue preaching. The inconsistencies in the policing on these issues during the pandemic has been stark. Christian preachers seem to be easy targets and other groups favored.” Records show one of the officers complained that the preacher was there “without a purpose.” Andrew asked the officer if he was breaking the law by preaching the Gospel. The officer responded that his preaching was causing anti-social behavior and, therefore, proceeded to charge him.

Let us remember to pray for Andrew Sathivavan, that God would give him the victory regarding his appeal. We are in the last days and the devil is sparing no effort to try to stop the spread of the Gospel. But Jesus said, “And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come” (Mt. 24:14). Amen!



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